News of the Day

Happy May Day, everyone! Just a quick post to bring you up to speed on some news. For the past several months, I’ve been writing for a local journal, the Crazy Wisdom Journal. Published by a wonderful local book shop, it comes out in print locally (free in lots of Ann Arbor shops and offices) and also online. My latest piece is called “Fishing for Papa,” a meditation on parenting and my grandfather, all by way of fishing with my kids – something that my grandfather taught me how to do. For me, passing on his lessons to them proved to be about much more than just fishing.

My previous piece in the journal is called “The Quiet Season.” Some of you might recognize that title from this blog post, but the version in the journal is reorganized and substantially expanded. I know you’re all missing winter already, so check it out. OK, I admit that the winter reference might seem a bit sick to some of you who live, as I do, in the Realm of the Polar Vortex. Please forgive me.

I am working on another essay for the fall issue of the journal and should also have a brief sidebar article in there profiling a local craft beer retail outlet. In the future, I’m likely going to write a feature story on the local craft beer scene for the journal. It’ll feel like a return to my beer-blogging roots. Stay tuned.

Last and possibly least, I’ve launched a new website related to my writing and editing work. I’ll update it whenever I have news, so please check in periodically for updates. It also has a contact page should you wish to send me a note.

If you want to take a look at anything mentioned above, just click on the links. I’d be honored and grateful.

Thanks for reading, and cheers!

3 thoughts on “News of the Day

  1. Fishing For Papa was so vivid and touching. The gifts continue. I really like being able to follow your writing so easily, Josh, both on The Hopping Mind and your new website.

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